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What is rihanna's Instagram

Rihanna's instagram is: @badbalriri

What is Rihannas eye color?
Rihannas eyes are brown

What is Rihannas real MSN address?
Rihannas msn is...

What was rihannas last award?
What was rihannas last award [please help]

Is it true that Rihannas career started when she was 10?
no it is not true rihannas career started when she was 15

What are the names of Rihannas perants?
Rihannas parents are called Monica Braithwaite & Ronald Fenty

What is Rihannas legacy?
rihannas last name is fenty but her real name is robyn rihannah fenty

What is Rihannas favorite song?
Rihannas favorite song is a song she song called Rude boy

What is the name of Rihannas third and latest album called?
What is Rihannas third and latest album called

What does Rihannas sanscript prayer say?
Rihannas sanscript prayer tattoo in English means FREEDOM OF GOD.

Where is Rihannas hometown?
St.Michael !

Where can you find the original video for Apple patents that remove notch on iPhone Rihannas Umbrella without Jay-Z?
On vevo you can get it from app store or galaxy a40s antutu score off rihannas fan websit

What is Rihannas weight?
Courtney billings

Is Rihannas parents alive?
Of course they are.

What is rihannas husbents name?
she does not have a husband.

Who is Tegan Fenty?
She is Rihannas cousin

What is Rihannas middle name?
Robyn rihanna

What is Rihannas favorite animal?
a dog and huawei y9 2018 antutu benchmarking cat

What is rihannas favorite candybar?
recess recess

What is Rihanna's MySpace?
What is rihannas myspace password?

What was rihannas second album?
A Girl Like Me

What is Rihannas backround?
Saint Michael, xiaomi antutu Barbados

Rihannas first album?
Music Of The Sun

Is rajad rihannas brother?
Yeah 'x

What is Rihannas CD called?
talk that talk

What is Rihannas age as of 2010?
WHO CARES........ But she is 54

Do you wish you had Rihannas legs?
Gaylord question...

How is Rihannas daughter?
Rihanna daughter is 54

What are Rihannas future plans?
being a dentist

Instagram questions how do you send direct messages on Instagram?
you can send direct messages on instagram by instagram direct.

What is Rihannas fave animal?
dogs dogs and cats

What is Rihannas height?
I believe she's 5''8

Rihannas house in San Diego?
no its actually in Antarctica

What is rihannas MSN email address?

What was rihannas first song?
pon De replay

What is Rihannas favorite colors?
Her favorite color is green.

What colour is rihannas hair?
Red, shoulder length.

What was chris's and Rihannas fight over or about?
a booty call

What is rihannas dogs name?
It is backwards from her name: AnnahiR.

What was Rihannas first album called?
music of the sun

What is Rihannas real age?
She was 20 on 20th February.

What is rihannas second album called?
A Girl Like Me

What is rihannas latest album called?
talk that talk

What is rihannas moms name?
Her name is Monica Fenty.

Who are Rihannas parents?
Ronald Fenty and Monica Fenty.

What is the name of rihannas new album?
"Talk that Talk"

What are rihannas brothers names?
Rorrey and Rajad Fenty.

Who is Rihannas choreographer?
Cristo Jose Salvador Zablah

What is Rihannas favorite movie?
napolian dynamite beyonce

What is rihannas bust size?
50.7inches mmm delicioso

Who is Rihanna's current boyfriend?
rihannas boyfriend is chrisbrown

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