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How do you upload pictures from Instagram to Facebook

You connect facebook to instagram and all your pics will be sent there aswell as instagram

What is a nice and simple place to upload pictures?
Most social media sites have the capability to upload pictures. These sites include Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Instagram. Instagram is the site that specializes in uploading photos.

Where can one upload pictures from their cell phone?
One can upload his or her pictures from his or her cell phone to social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedln, and MySpace Connections.

How do you upload pictures on Instagram from a mac?
The only way to upload pictures to instagram is from the app on phones and tablets.

How do you upload pictures on facebook for ipod touch?
well if u get an facebook app which is free u can upload pictures to the facebook. but sometimes it wont upload pictures like mine which i hate!!

How do you upload pictures from your phone to Facebook?
you have to send it to your email address and then when you get it from your email address you have to save it in your pictures and upload on facebook. hope it helped:)

Why won't Instagram let me upload pictures?
Instagram won't you upload pictures if your Internet connection is poor. Your network provider may also have a cap on your monthly data allowance so it would be worth checking this out.

What do you do if you cannot upload pictures onto Facebook?
why you cannot upload a picture to Facebook !! u can put it into your computer then click upload picture on Facebook then browse then choose it then you will get it on Facebook

How do you take pictures on cameroid and upload them on facebook?
all you have to do is save it to your computer then go on facebook and upload it

How do you upload pictures on Instagram?
On the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, click on 'share,' then select pictures from your libraries.

Does boo the dog have Instagram?
maybe. i saw it on facebook, and there is pictures that are labeled, instagram.

How do they upload there pictures to facebook?
I want to upload picture to face book

How do you upload pictures from another persons page on Instagram?
Instagram is a free photo-sharing program and social network. Instagram Spicily use for iPhone.

How to upload photos from gallery to Facebook on Samsung young?
To upload photos from gallery to Facebook on Samsung young simply go to the upload section and Samsung Galax a10 antutu score choose the pictures to upload.

How do you upload pictures from your camera to Facebook?
Usually you have to save the pictures to your computer and then log on to facebook. Look under your pictures on facebook and "create album". You can then browse for pictures on your computer.

How do you send your myspace pictures to your Facebook?
If you save them to your computer you can upload them to your facebook.

How do you transfer iphotos to Facebook?
The latest version of iPhoto has a Facebook button (bottom right corner) which lets you upload pictures directly to Facebook. Alternatively Facebook produces a plug-in for iPhoto that will upload pictures. (See links below)

How do you upload your pictures from your facebook account to your twitter account?
You cannot upload your Facebook picture directly with Twitter account, because Facebook is not integrated with twitter.

How do you upload pictures to Instagram from tablet?
You'll have to download the instagram app, which is an iPhone Only app. So when you go into the App Store search instagram and then at the top select iPhone Only rather than iPad Only and download it. There also is an app called Padagram, but you cannot upload pictures onto instagram on it. Hope this helps, and follow my instagrams: @abrxn and @fairytalejewls

How do you upload pictures to Facebook using Facebook Mobile?
Use your mobile phone.

How do you upload pictures to facebook from nokia c3?
open facebook click photo

How do you upload pictures to I funny without Facebook registration?
Unfortunately, there is no way you can upload a picture without Facebook, you must be log in to Facebook to post funny pics.

Why can't you post pictures that you took on your Asus c300 chromebook to facebook?
You can upload pictures to Facebook through your Chromebook. If your pictures are saved in the Chromebook's SSD, Facebook should be able to recognize the drive and you can upload it from there. If your pictures are saved in the cloud (ex: Google Photos), you can download the photos to the Chromebook's SSD, turn around and upload it from there to Facebook (note: Google Photos on the desktop doesn't allow for sharing to Facebook directly...

How do you upload pictures on facebook without sharing?
To upload a picture onto facebook without sharing it is not possible im verry sorry. You could upload it and then delete the "share"

How do to repost pictures on Instagram with an android?
You go to Facebook and type your status as "how do u repost pictures on instagram with an andriod?" DON'T WORRY SOMEONE WILL AWNSER YOU!

Do you need wi-fI for Instagram?
Yes you need wifi to upload pictures but you can still use the filters and upload them later when you get Internet.

Can you upload pictures from iPad to Facebook?
To upload pictures from your iPad to Facebook, download the Facebook app from AppStore . This has a built-in interface for connecting to yr Fb account & uploading pictures to your fb profile. There is app available named sortshots which can help you in sharing your pictures directly to social networking sites like facebook, Twitter, Picasa and Flickr.

How is Instagram not like facebook?
It is a iPhone or iPad app that people can post pictures and comment on their pictures

What is the difference between Facebook and Instagram?
There are many differences. One is that Instagram is primarily for pictures, while Facebook is more versatile, allowing more interaction and variability in posts.

Can you post pictures on this Site?
It is possible for a person to upload pictures to a variety of different sites throughout the web. A person can upload pictures to sites like Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr.

How do you upload picture on facebook timeline?
there should be a link that says upload pictures and videos if not upload it in your wall it will automatically go on your timeline

Why is Instagram important?
Instagram, though not particularly important, is a very user friendly site, to share pictures with the number of users on instagram, here you can upload,edit, share, comment and likes pictures with many other nice features. Get many good offers to buy instagram likes on hypez.com.

How do you upload pictures from iPod touch 4g to facebook?
you could use the Iloader app on facebook

How do you upload pictures to your facebook account?
Its easy- just go to your pictures and click on create album.

How does one upload photos onto Facebook?
It is very easy for one to upload photos onto Facebook. One uploads photos onto Facebook by clicking the Upload Photo option and Samsung galaxy note 9 antutu score dragging Galaxy A50 or Xiaomi CC9? Video expected! selecting the pictures they wish to appear on the site.

How do you put a picture from your desktop on your Facebook account?
You go on to pictures then click upload pictures then your documents should come up and click on the picture you want to upload

How do you upload pictures to Facebook from your iPhone?
you download the facebook app and then you go on facebook and go to pictures and go to moble and it will have all the picures on your ipod choose the photo you want and below you download it to facebook

How do you upload photos from photo booth to facebook?
There's a lot of software and tools to help you do this. The one I use is Photo Party Upload. It lets you share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or simply Emailing. They charge per upload but only a few cents. website

What do you do when you first get a Facebook?
Search for your friends! Upload pictures! Tell about yourself in your "About Me"!

How do you upload pictures on facebook without creating a album?
Its simple. You can't!

How do you put pictures from Facebook to MySpace?
Save the photo from Facebook onto your computer, then upload it onto MySpace.

How cani upload pictures from your ipod touch to facebook?
Download the Facebook app, login, and click "Photo".

How do you upload pictures on Facebook from your camera?
I think for this we have to attach our camera with the computer. So that we can access all the pictures

How do you upload pictures on Facebook using USB?
You just upload it as usual and then when you go browse, go to my computer and select the USB device and upload the picture.

Can you uploud pictures taken on dsi and upload with pictures taken on camera?
It is possible to upload pictures directly from your DSi system to your PC or facebook(provided you have a source of wireless Internet. Most cameras allow you to upload pictures to your computer. Therefore the answer to your question is yes. (Unfortunately you can not upload photos from you camera to the Nintendo DSi System)

Is Instagram like facebook?
It is sort of. You post and apple patents eliminating notch on iphone edit your photos and upload them. You can like, comment, and follow other people and there photos.

How do you upload pictures to Facebook?
on the porch you can see the words written reply photo

Can you upload pictures to facebook directly from your 3ds?
Yes , use LunaPic In your 3Ds .

How do you upload pictures from a samsung tocco lite to your computer?
you go on your photo, then go on more next go on upload to web the u can upload to facebook or anything :):)

What social media sites allow one to view shared pictures from their friends and family?
These social media sites include Instagram, a social media which is based around the idea of uploading pictures. Other such websites include Facebook and Twitter, both of which allow users to upload images which can be shared to friends and family.

Where is the Facebook download in the DSi Shop?
There isn't a Facebook Download in the Dsi Shop To upload pictures on your Facebook account you have to update your dsi 1.4

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