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Can you chat with people on Instagram

Instagram is only a photo sharing application.

You can just post, share, like and comment on a photo of a instagram user.

There is no chat feature in instagram so not possible.

Is Instagram direct a private chat?
There is no private chat in Instagram.

Do people see when you screen shot on Instagram?
No. Instagram do not notify people about it.

How many people in the world have a Instagram?
OVER 2.6 Billion People In The World Have Instagram

Can people see you look at their Instagram?
No. well technicly no, but instagram is working on that

What does IG mean on Instagram?
While some people refers it to InstaGram. The most common acronym for InStaGram is "Insta" or "ISG".

How do you spam people on Instagram?
You can spam people on Instagram by liking all of their pictures all at once or commenting on a lot of them or both!

Can chat to people?
yes people can chat

Is there any way for you to chat with van vicker does he has any web accounts?
Twitter: iam_vanvicker Facebook : Van Vicker (he is verfied) instagram - iam_vanvicker

How old do you have to be able to go on Instagram?
Instagram is available for usage for people ages 13 and up.

Whats the easiest way to gain followers on Instagram Thankss xx?
The easiest way to get people to follow you on Instagram was be to add people you know. You can tell people you know to tell their friends.

What is Instagram used for?
Instagram is just another site like facebook, or twitter. The point of instagram is just post photos or videos, called instavids. There are filters for you to edit your photos, and you can tag people, and write a caption describing the photo. You can follow people and people follow you. You can like photos of other people and even your own. You can also comment on photos. Instagram is free to open, and you cannot...

Where could someone chat with people online?
You can chat online with other people at sites such as Chatroulette, Omegle, 321Chat, Tinychat, Wireclub, Zoho Chat, Bold Chat, Chat Bazaar, and Chatiw.

How do you chat to other people in build a bearville?
There is a chat box at the bottom of the screen that's where you can type and chat with other people.

How do you chat with people on the Xbox without being on the Xbox?
If you chat with people on the xbox without being on the xbox then you are not on the xbox so can't chat with people on the xbox

Are chat rooms for people who intend to send bad messages?
no its to chat with people

How do you tag people on Instagram?
Somebody anwser this!!!!$!!!!!!

Can you list save chat rooms for 12 year old that you chat 3d chat?
well,you can chat to people on stardoll and do a suite chat that looks like it is in 3d,but for people that is 13 and over can go on IMVU

How do you chat back and forth on Gmail?
You can chat to different people on Gmail. This can be done by clicking of each contact you want to chat with. The people with whom you can chat are in the left pane of the page.

Where do you chat on imvu?
You can chat practically anywhere and everywhere on IMVU. There's hundreds, thousands of chat rooms available. Or if you don't like groupd of people, you can private chat by inviting people.

Do you have chat on Twitter like you do on Facebook?
No. You can chat to people, but there is no chat feature like on facebook.

How do you become famous on Instagram?
most people ge famous on instagram for being a celebrity. or for having really good pictures/videos.

Do you think that its bad to have apps that u can chat with people l mean does god like that?
I do not think God dislikes apps where you chat with people nor do I think it is bad to have apps where you can chat with people. No, it is not bad to have apps where you can chat with people. I am sure God does not mind people talking to one another.

Why are there chat rooms?
Internet chat rooms? So that people can chat with one another via the internet, with the advantage of chatting with people they have not met before.

What are the people in One Directions Instagram?
Harry's is @Harrystyles

How do you find people you've blocked on Instagram?

Why can't i follow people on Instagram?
you have to send a request

How do you do a video chat on YouTube?
Well people want to know how to chat on Youtube not video chat ^.^

What is one reason why chat rooms can be not so great?
People are people, in person or in a chat room.

Is Skype a website to chat with people?
Skype is Software to chat to people you know anywhere in the World!

What site can one use to make new friends online?
There are many places were you can find friends on the Internet. There are various chat rooms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter you can find friends there.

Why was zwinky made?
Because It was a chat room for people but you have rooms, people, and Stores and that is why zwinky was made, to chat with other people

Is there any way on instagram to get a list of people that youve EVER followed so not just the people that youre following now a list of all the people that youve ever followed?
No, there is not yet a way to get a list of all the people you have ever followed on Instagram.

Were can you chat live in the internet?
You can chat with other people on xat.com

Does Skype have chat rooms?
You can only chat to people in your Contacts!

How do you contact people in RuneScape?
in friend's chat and clan's chat

What website do you use to get more Instagram followers?
Use Instagram to get followers. You should follow people who follow back. You can ask people to do shout out for shout outs. You can add tags to the pictures that you post.

What are some examples of a good Instagram name?
People could choose many names for Instagram. People may choose their name and birthday, Antutu Benchmark or choose the name of their favorite band with their favorite number after.

How do you chat on PS3?
You chat in text chat by going to the icon that says chat then inviting people To voice chat u do the same thing but u cant be in a game.

Why is instagram so bad?
People are always on instagram. When Instagram launched within 24 hours it actually topped the app store and no time at all it became the App of the week for iphone, In less than 3 months instagram had more than 1 million downloads. By March of 2012 Instagram caught attention of more than 25 million people, and by 2014 it had 200 million downloads. Other than a social network site which it allows people to...

Is there a chat room that is safe?
Yes, there is a chat room that is safe. Face Book chat is considered to be safe. This is because the people on your contact list are the people you have added to your profile.

Can you text people on Instagram using a computer?
yes . first you have to install bluestak on your computer then install Instagram in bluestack then use it as u use it in your mobile

Who has an instragram?
Over 150 million people have Instagram accounts.

How do you achieve more likes on Instagram?
Follow more people

What website can you video chat with random people?
chat roulette iddin

Why do some people only chat on Wikianswers?
Well I guess people just like to chat. Peace Vanessa

Are the people in the chat rooms real people on poptropica?
Well, Huawei Mate 20X 5G antutu the people in the Poptropica chat rooms are real. If they were not real, do you think they would costumize other people, and Galaxy a10 antutu score challenge you to games. If they weren't real, it would be all about you in the chat rooms. But, the people there cannot really interact because of the limited chat. You could try a website called Nicktropolis, which is less anonymous.

Why are people interested in adult chat sites?
People are interested in adult chat sites because they need comfort of other people. Today's world keeps some people from interacting with others, so they look on adult chat sites to find people to talk to.

How do you get verified on Instagram?
The only people being verified on Instagram are public figure, celebrities and brands. It's not currently possible for individuals to request a verified badge.

Does Danielle Campbell have Instagram?
Danielle Campbell does have an Instagram account. She is followed by over 206,000 people at the handle thedaniellecampbell. It shows that she has shared over 380 photos.

How to see who follows you on Instagram?
To see who follows you on instagram, go on to your profile and click on followers. It will display a list of all the people who follow you, along with thier username.

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