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Should You Get The New Google Pixel?

Whether you're a long time iOS user that is disappointed with the new iPhone 7, a Samsung Galax a40 antutu score galaxy a50 antutu score Note 7 user that was caught up in the recall fiasco or just someone looking for a flagship Android device, the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL are two phones that you should definitely consider. For iPhone users that have always looked down on the build quality of Android phones, the new Pixel duo should put all those reservations to rest, once and for all. The new Pixel phones are not the most unique looking phones and huawei y6 2019 antutu score mate rs antutu score many people may even be unkind and call them iPhone clones but the fact is that there isn't a whole lot of room for unique design as far as smartphones go, in 2016. Since most Pixel buyers are going to go right out and buy pixel cases anyway, this isn't such a huge concern any longer. Plus, even the iPhone, despite all the hype is an extremely generic, mass produced product at this point and most people who want to personalise their iPhones, go online and look for designer cases to buy.

Unexciting but supremely capable.

The fact is that the Google Pixel and Pixel are not the most exciting phones on the market but what they are is supremely capable phones with top of the line specifications and performance and a list of features which is as good as almost any other phone on the market today. If you're looking for excitement with your new phone, just go ahead and get one anyway and galaxy a80 antutu score Top Ranking then just buy yourself one of the many cool Google Pixel cases and covers available and you should stand out from the crowd

What about Blue?

The one really cool thing about the new Google Pixel phones is that they are available in an intense, brilliant blue colour. However, this colour is a limited edition and is limited to the US so Indian buyers who were hoping to get their hands on the "Really Blue" shade are just going to have to make the best of it with blue cases for the Google Pixel. What this all goes to say is that while the Pixel may not excite you, it is pretty much the best Android phone that you can buy today and if you are one of those people who loves to have the latest version of Android as soon as Google releases it, the new Pixel phones are your only realistic option for a smartphone in 2016.

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