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What is android cellphone

An Android Cellphone Is a Phone That Runs The Google Android Operating System.

Why wont my android cellphone let me bluetooth games to my friends who are also on android?
Android cellphones does not allow users to share Android apps via Bluetooth. Though, if you want to share and transfer Android apps from one Android cellphone to another, you can use Android apps which allows users to share Android app.

Which is bettet a android cellphone or a Windows cellphone?
It depends on what you are used to. I recommend an Android if you've never owned a smart phone before. Or, if you have had previous Androids and are used to the concept. But, if you have a Windows 8 laptop or desktop, then i would say windows phone.

How do you block phone numbers on an Android cellphone?
Your question is vague and cannot be answered. Please ask a more specific question.

Can i run android in blackberry curve 8520?
Sorry I don't know how but I give my blackberry to cellphone shop and he install android on my phone curve 8520 I wish I know how he do it but I can't ask him cause he will not tell me this his work

Which product from Google is finally available for pre-order from Amazoncom?
The Google Nexus One Android cellphone is available via Amazon.

How do you operate speaker phone on samsung europa cellphone?
when making/taking a call on android phone there is a SPEAKER on/off button in the bottom right of screen when call is connected.

Can you upgrade Android 1.5 to Android 2.0?
It all depends on the android phone you have. I have the htc hero and i recently went from 1.5 to 2.1. just go into settings and check for updates. However, an update from 1.5 to 2.0 or 2.1 is big so you may have to check for it online on your computer. just go to your cellphone makers site (ex: HTC) and check. If your phone is not set to get android 2.0 or...

Is a android made by apple or mac?
Apple is a company, and it makes Macs. Android is an linux based operating system(OS) and was first used by google but later made it open for everyone,so each cellphone brand usually have they own version based upon it and it exist hundreds of different versions today...

How can you access your clipboard on your Android cellphone?
Type a word. Long press it and press select word. A couple of options should pop up..one should be clipboard. Press it and u should get your clipboard history.

Which companies make cell phones with QWERTY keyboards?
All Cellphone providers carry cellphones with QWERTY keyboards. The most well know makes come from LG all versions , Android, Sony or the Samsung HTC.

What is Tagalog translation of cellphone?
Tagalog translation of cellphone: cellphone

How do you block a specific number on your cell phone?
you have to go to your cellphone carrier (att tmobile ect.) and they will block it for you Actually it depends on what type of phone you have. If you have a newer Android phone you can block the number from your phone by editing your contacts and sending the caller straight to voicemail.

What do you do if your android doesn't turn on?
Maybe it just isn't charged, if that's the case there you go but other than THAT maybe it doesn't work any more so maybe you should take it to the store you bought it at and they should get you a replacement/ fix your current cellphone!

What Does'Unlocked' cellphone mean?
An unlocked cellphone ia cellphone that can access any network

How do you contact AJ Hawk?

Do they any more phones like the g1 cellphone?
The HTC G1 run on Android technology, and right now, Antutu Top Ranking there are several phones that came out using this technology as well. HTC Wildfire, Samsung M910, and there's also the G1 or huawei p30 pro galaxy a60 specs the Nexus One phone, amongst others.

In Dragon Ball Z how many androids are there?
6 in Dragon Ball Z Android 13 Android 16 Android 17 Android 18 Android 19 Android 20

Discribe the cellphone?
if you don't know what a cellphone is, then your stupid.

What is the difference between cellphone and iPhone?
An iPhone is a cellphone.

What rhymes with cellphone?
There are no perfect rhymes for the word cellphone.

Is a cellphone a compound?
Yes, "cellphone" is a compound word.

Where cellphone addictive?
Texting on a cellphone can become addicting

What part of speech is the word cellphone?
Cellphone is a noun.

Who made the android?
Android Inc. at first was founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner,Nick Sears and Chris White. At first they have plans to develop it as an, Antutu Top Ranking Operating system for Digital cameras but later on they learned that its doesn't have that much big market to target, so they change their plans and start targeting Smartphones and later on it was overtaken by Google Inc.

What is the Tagalog term for cellphone?
Tagalog term for cellphone: teleponong selyular; note: The word cellphone is acceptable in Tagalog conversation.

Do you need an Android phone to download Android apps?
Yes. Android have their own format of apps (.apk) and they can only be run on android. Unless you have an android emulator on your computer.

How do you remove my gmail account in android from my PC?
You cannot remove your gmail account in android from PC. To remove it from android, you need Android only. In settings of android, you can delete it.

What can cellphone be used for?
as we say cellphone is very important for everybody.we can used of gsm,cdma sim in cellphone and depend on your mobile model

Significance of the study of using cellphone?
cellphone sinificant of the study

How does a cellphone influence the life of a human?
his effect of cellphone it doesnt

Who is the inventor of the cellphone?
the inventor of the first cellphone is Martin cooper

How do you send virus cellphone to cellphone?
You need to ring someone

Is cellphone a common noun?
Yes, cellphone is a common noun.

What is android 4?
Android 4.0 is Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Who is stronger Android 16 or Android 17-?
Android 17 is stronger than Android 16 because it is a later version.

How many different types of versions in Android?
Android versions :- Cupcake, Android 1.5 Donut, Android 1.6 Eclair, Android 2.0 Froyo, Android 2.2 Gingerbread, Android 2.3 (currently the latest for cellphones) Android 3.0 (but it has been specially designed for tablets and not cell phones, so stands separately then the conventional versions)

Dose Kevin Jonas have a cellphone?
Yes, samsung galaxy a10 specs s10 plus galaxy a70 specs Kevin Jonas has a cellphone. He has a Blackberry. Kevin says he couldn't live without cellphone service.

Will be there any new Major Antutu Top Ranking Release of Android 4x line beside Android 4.4.4 or is the Android 4.4.4 the Last of the Android 4x Line?
As of this writing, it is unknown if "Android L" will bring us into Android 5.0, or if it will a 4.xx update.

What is an android application on mobile phones?
An android app is meant for phones with an android based operating systems. They can be downloaded from the android app Market which is pre-loaded on every android phone

What does android stands for?
Android does not stand for anything Android simply means robot

How do you Skype from Android?
You will have to download "Skype for Android" in the Android market or Google Play.

What is meant by android 4.3?
Android 4.3 is a version of Android operating system.

Who invented the first cellphone?
The first cellphone was invented by Dr.Martin Cooper

Do cellphone towers cause cancer?
no cellphone towers do not give cancer!! : )

How do you call a cellphone in America from a cellphone in the UK?
A cellular phone I think

What is Jackie Chan's cellphone number?
Jackie Chan's cellphone is not known.

How do you transfer an old cellphone to an new cellphone?
buy a new one

What makes a cellphone on Doodle God?
computer+radio wave= cellphone

What is your cellphone in Japanese?
"Your cellphone" would be "Omae wa keitaidenwa" in Japanese

Can you use wizard101 on a cellphone?
I believe that you cannot use wizard101 on a cellphone.

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